Varese Pride is organized since 2016 by Arcigay Varese, a completely independent social promotion association.

Arcigay Varese and Varese Pride belong to the following international organizations: ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association), EPOA – European Pride Organizers Association and InterPride – International Association of Pride Organizers.


Arcigay Varese, Arcigay Territorial Committee of the Provinces of Varese and Como is an association of social promotion, the only one in the provinces of Varese and Como that deals with the LGBTI + themes. We are committed to creating the conditions for the well-being, full realization and full visibility of every gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual person, fighting prejudice, discrimination and violence in all their forms.

It operates for the construction of a secular and democratic society in which individual freedoms and human and civil rights are recognized, promoted and guaranteed without discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity and any other personal and social condition and in which the personality of each individual can be realized in a context of peace and peaceful relationship with the social and natural environment.


Arcigay is the main Italian LGBTI non-for-profit organization, the largest in terms of number of volunteers and activists throughout Italy. Formally, it is an association for social promotion (APS) registered into the relative national register with number 115 (Law 383/2000).

Since 1985 Arcigay fights for equality, self-determination, and against stereotypes and prejudice towards LGBTI people, as well as against any form of discrimination. We operate all over Italy through our 71 local committees and affiliated associations. We can count on thousands of LGBTI as well as straight volunteers and activists who work passionately towards reaching our goals, while promoting our activities both locally and nationally.


  • At the national level, Arcigay acts as an advocacy player, politically and institutionally, coordinating campaign efforts, initiatives and programs aiming at the promotion and protection of LGBTI rights;


  • At the local level, Arcigay supports its committees and affiliated associations by promoting their growth and development, offering training and education events to their members, creating opportunities to exchange best practices and resources among them, acting within a broader framework of national initiatives, projects and programs.


Our organization operates independently from any government, political party, ideology or religion. Financially, our support comes from our members through their annual membership fees, from private parties through donations, and from grants and funds obtained by private and public institutions by participating to public calls. Arcigay operates with transparency and invests the great majority of its resources on the realization of actual projects. Only a minor part of its funds is invested in its structural administration.

Arcigay currently collaborates with several Italian and foreign NGOs, as well as with the main local, national and international institutions.



At Arcigay we believe in a secular, inclusive and open society based on solidarity and equality, a society in which human and civil rights are recognized, promoted and guaranteed; a society where gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual and intersex people are free to be themselves.


Our mission at Arcigay is to promote and protect equal rights, to reaffirm the principles and relationships of solidarity, to fight against all forms of violence, discrimination and violation of human and civil rights of LGBTI people. We fight for political, legislative, cultural and social change through actions of lobbying, advocacy, awareness and information campaigning, by supporting public policies, initiatives, programs, projects, by making our voice heard in the public opinion and by our ability to reach, bring together and gather mass demonstrations.

In particular, Arcigay aims at:

    • obtaining equal and full rights for LGBTI people, including equal marriage rights and the recognition of LGBTI parenting rights;
    • obtaining legislation to protect LGBTI people from violence and discrimination, while striving for a society and culture where homo-bi-transphobic and sexist acts are no longer tolerated;

  • promoting the well-being of the LGBTI community through local-based services, and indirectly through social and cultural change.
Varese Pride